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Get A Healthy Smile

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  • Relax with blankets, music, and warm neck rolls

  • Receive a Starbucks gift card just for scheduling

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Enjoy a Bright Smile With Dental Cleanings & Exams in Albany

A cleaning and exam is to your smile what an oil change is for your car. You wouldn’t think about driving your car without changing the oil. The same should be true for your smile. You need routine checkups! We take Albany dental cleanings and exams seriously at Kutsch Dentistry because we know how important they are to your smile. Count on these appointments to help you:

  • Enjoy peace of mind about your oral health
  • Make better first impressions in your social and professional lives
  • Reduce the risk of needing more extensive dental work in the future
  • Avoid unnecessary dental emergencies
  • Share your smile goals with your dentist
Schedule your next checkup by calling the smile team at Kutsch Dentistry today: 541-248-1549. Save money on your treatment by joining our Membership Club. It’s a great alternative to insurance!
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Receive Exceptional Treatment During Your Exam

If you’re a new patient of ours, we’ll roll out the red carpet for you! It all starts with the Starbucks gift card you’ll receive after making your appointment. Once you arrive at our office, you’re welcome to any of our patient amenities to help you relax. They include blankets, music and headphones, warm neck rolls, aromatherapy, and complimentary beverages like beer and wine. You can also receive sedation if needed.

Below are some key parts of your first visit with us:

  • Your hygienist will take digital scans of your mouth and perform a thorough exam, including a cancer screening and a check for cavities using an electronic sensor.
  • We’ll discuss your smile goals with you, including any concerns you have. This gives us a better understanding of how to help you.
  • We’ll educate you on what we find during your exam.
  • We’ll answer any questions.
  • Our treatment coordinator will go over treatment options with you and help you decide what’s best for your smile. We’ll schedule a dental cleaning or any other needed treatments at this time.

Get the care your smile needs to thrive! Call Kutsch Dentistry today at 541-248-1549 for dental cleanings and exams in Albany.